Detailed introduction

Our lines produce aluminium cans with the diameter of:

  • 22 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 38 mm
  • shaped 38 mm
  • 45 mm

Aluminium Aerosol can-1.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-5.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-6.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-8.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-12.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-13.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-14.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-15.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-18.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol Can.jpg


Aluminium Aerosol can-7.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-17.JPG

Produce process

Certification-fromaluminum raw material (aluminum slug) to finishedstrict quality control
Companies to implementa strictquality control system
ObtainedISO9001: 2008certification
Obtaindrug packagingmaterials andcontainers Registration
Workshop productionmanagementwith reference tothe implementationof GMP

Aluminium Aerosol can-16.JPG

Aluminium Aerosol can-2.JPG

Aerosol Can 3 (12)

Aerosol Can 3 (1)

Aluminium Can valve-1.JPG
Aluminium Can valve.JPG

Aerosol Can 3 (4)

Our advantage:

1). Brand name: Nansen Management
2). Technology center was identified,Print can automized by customer need
3). Quality: technologies and products obtained national patent.
4). Costing lower 5% than same industry-supplier
5). SGS/BV and REACH compliance
6). Guarantee/warranty
7). Small orders accepted
8). Experience staff
9). Service:24 hour service customer any question

80X250 1000ml-2.jpg

Aerosol can size1.jpg

Aerosol can size2.jpg

Aerosol can size3.jpg

Aluminium Can valve.jpg



package (2).jpg