The Advantages and Benefits of aluminum
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As the appearance of aluminum in the air will form an oxide film, that is aluminum oxide Al2O3, which makes aluminum even in the upper Baidu high temperature will not be oxidized, aluminum cans also have such an appearance of the film, even if the inside There is a liquid (the liquid can form aluminum and oxygen solution to speed up the oxidation reaction), nor will it be like iron.

At the same time the relative density of aluminum is small, with the volume of aluminum quality is much smaller than the iron, the hands of the cans, of course, the more light the better, who do not want to take a few hundred grams of guy shopping ...

Finally, the aluminum industry has been relatively mature, through the electrolytic aluminum can be a large number of high-speed production, and aluminum plasticity, and with other different metals easily modified into alloy, aluminum hardness, plasticity and even memory (that is, Ability) have a lot of improvement (aluminum cans have a good memory, pinch in the hands of the general deformation, aluminum windows have been used by many families, food packaging mostly with tin aluminum alloy, because the processing is easy, tear off But also convenient, high plasticity), can be said to be extremely wide range of cheap metal.

At the same time, the recovery of aluminum is very convenient, the use of aluminum is also very good, the utilization rate of developed countries to 120%, a big reason is the use of recycled aluminum.

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