New Trend of Packaging Design in Modern Logistics Environment
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Our companies must adopt a rapid pace value-added innovation process in formulated product designs, in accordance with a growing consumer demand for sustainability, health, and food safety. Innovation efficiency is a competitive necessity under the growing pressure on price. Success is for those companies embracing state-of-the-art technology to digitally transform product and process design, and formula management. Learn how to turn innovation risk into a competitive advantage.

Learn how to transform your formulated product design processes by:

1.A complete configurable and scalable product development platform for formulated product designs that facilitates collaboration and the speed of innovation through simulation

2.Managing all phases and data of a product’s lifecycle, from idea to shelf

3.Enabling speed, efficiency, flexibility, compliance, and control; whilst minimizing the overall complexity of the process

4.Replacing the typical isolated niche applications with one integrated solution

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