New Trend of Packaging Design in Modern Logistics Environment
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The direct consequence of damage to the packaging of goods is the result of rising costs, which commodity operators do not want to bear, then the modern logistics required by the packaging should have some new features to deal with the trend of commodity consumption rate. So from the commodity through all aspects of the point of view, transportation, storage, inventory, packaging, handling, handling, distribution, circulation and other aspects are inevitable. In this process, the outer packaging structure of goods, packaging materials, shape, packaging materials, structure, shape, and physical compression, shatterproof, moisture, anti-accumulation and so on factors can become a new package design problem. Only to understand the relevant steps in order to be in the process of packaging design from the country to overcome the links, and innovative design to reduce the cost of reducing costs.

1. New requirements for packaging structure and materials

For the choice and use of packaging materials, manufacturers should consider reducing costs under the premise of the logistics and transport as a primary condition factor to consider, after all, modern commodity circulation is different from any time in the past, it is not reference, this The new model and trend is the modern electricity business transactions brought about by the line of new products and methods of circulation, not for the pursuit of control Chen and choose not suitable for logistics and transport materials.

In addition to the choice of material should be careful, but also should pay attention to the appearance of the shape of the characteristics of a number of goods with package form, etc., should be considered within the scope of the appearance of the shape of a number of combinations of goods to consider the form and edge, Damage to the parts of the protection devices and measures to reduce damage and damage to the inner packaging.

2. New requirements for inner packaging construction and materials

The packaging material and shape must be carefully and considered, but the internal packaging is even more important because the main function of the inner packaging is to protect the goods in the package, the protection of modern logistics process is particularly important, because the process of product experience Complex, the transport process is long, and the conversion of time and space in the process of contact with a large number of goods, the quality of uneven, in order to ensure that goods as much as possible without damage, we should be careful in the design of goods packaging packaging should pay attention to more rigorous testing of the structure of packaging Resistance to damage, should improve the level of damage and test strength.

3. Commodity packaging and logistics packaging of the new requirements of physical compression

Modern logistics is often a number of goods at the same time transport, warehouse truck transport road bumps intensity, and large items of pressure are more than ever to increase, and logistics enterprises in the transport process can not because of a Merchandise and change the placement, so any product packaging must increase the level of compression, has reached the modern logistics operation of the highest level of compression test, or in the event of external packaging collapse, a direct impact on the integrity of goods, and may But also lead to the possibility of damage to other goods.

4. Transport packaging of the shatterproof, moisture, put the collapse of the new requirements of collapse

In the traditional packaging design, the general level of shatterproof, moisture, put the collapse of the goods in the appearance of the goods are reflected, in particular, all kinds of large items of goods should be increased relative to the traditional transport mode level and strength , To prevent the transport process due to external causes of damage to the goods. Modern logistics and transportation, in order to save costs, increasing the accumulation and extrusion of goods to save space and increase the number of stacking, logistics and transport enterprises are often not the same business and sales business, so that the various stages of the damage to the importance of goods inconsistent , Will lead to increased damage to the goods.

5. Transport packaging simplification, general requirements

In order to ensure the convenience of goods transport, and to ensure that the maximum damage to the premise of goods, transport packaging as much as possible to simplify the packaging or no packaging, reduce the use of packaging materials, volume and use of large pieces of goods with two or three Type structure, both to simplify packaging, save material, and easy to disassemble. Modern logistics vehicles have achieved water, land and air transport, as far as possible to adapt to different manufacturers, different products, transportation, reduce capital investment, improve transport efficiency. The specific case of the use of more successful IKEA home sales of household furniture products, flat packaging, the maximum savings in transport space, reduce the weight of transport packaging, and the use of packaging so that consumers are very easy to understand, is very worthy of our modern packaging Designer learning and research success stories.

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