Gateway Trading – 20 Years Company
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Gateway trading is a company that is operating since 2000 and is located at Binondo Manila. Our company focuses on wholesaling general merchandise all over the country. Our company's vision is to become a topmost company in the country and to be well known by people. And the company's mission is to give the best service experience and product's quality on each and every transaction.

Our company started its business in a small store located at Sto, Cristo, and later on developed to a wholesaling company. Gateway Trading has its own brand in baby wipes which is "Dong Bang Yao", our company also supply products like Air Freshener, School Supplies, Calendars, and more.

路达贸易是一家自2000年以来运营的公司,位于Binondo, Manila。我们公司专注于批发全国各地的日用品。我们公司的愿景是成为菲律宾最优秀的批发公司,并为人们所熟知。公司的使命是为每笔交易提供最佳的服务体验和产品质量。

我们公司的业务从位于Sto. Cristo的一家小商店开始,后来发展成为一家批发公司。 路达贸易在婴儿湿巾方面拥有自己的品牌“ Dong Bang Yao”,我们公司还批发空气清新剂,学校用品,日历等产品。

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